The Hidden Sanctuary, Holistic Therapies by Lucy

You’re so busy caring for everyone else. Who is taking care of you?

Are you feeling tired & drained, craving space & time for yourself?

I can help you have a break from the daily grind, so that you can feel, nurtured, rested & calm.  Allowing you to have the energy for yourself & look after others.

How Can Lucy Help?


The Hidden Sanctuary is a wonderfully welcoming space. It offers a calm, safe place for you to come and retreat. To do ‘nothing’. Somewhere to escape all your responsibilities, leave all your to do lists behind. Allow yourself to recharge your batteries. Leave with more vigour & optimism, more able to cope with the responsibilities of life. Reconnect with your true self, time to be you, not the mother or the carer. I will work with you using holistic therapies & spiritual healing with reiki & crystals helping you feel nurtured, rested, and calm. You will feel like you’ve had a mini holiday with a new lease of life.

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I look forward to meeting you.



Holistic Therapies

Massage Treatments

Experience the wonderful benefits of massage with various treatments available to suit everyone’s needs. Experience deep relaxation or ease those tense aching muscles. 


Reflexology is much more than a foot massage. Using a specific technique, we apply gentle pressure to specific reflex points providing deep relaxation & encourages your body to rebalance and heal.

Pregnancy Massage

A very relaxing side-lying treatment that gives you some time to rest, relax and rebalance. Promoting better sleep & also connecting with your baby.

Reiki & Crystals

In person & distance Reiki sessions available alongside the wonderful healing energy from our earths precious healing crystals. Experience the magical benefits from these ancient healing techniques.

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