The Hidden Sanctuary

Offering a selection of therapies to rebalance body, mind & soul


Massage Treatments

Indian Head Massage

Rebalances your energies. Giving a sense of peace and tranquillity. A seated treatment.


Bespoke Massage

A massage tailored to suit your needs.

 This can involve the common Swedish massage techniques, creating a gentle relaxing or energising treatment. Deep tissue massage & trigger point techniques can also be incorporated if it’s needed, to soften & release any tight, tense areas.

Combined Massage Treatments

For ultimate relaxation.

Indian Head massage & back massage. 

Reflexology treatment followed by Back, neck & shoulder massage.





Hot Stone Massage

  Works deeply into the muscles. Feel the warmth of the volcanic basalt stones melting away the tension. Each massage stroke with a hot stone is the equivalent to 4-5 strokes of the hand. 




On-site Accupressure Chair Massage

On-site acupressure chair massage, also known as corporate massage. Perfect for workplaces or events. Using a specifically designed chair, you are seated and fully clothed, so no oil is required. Focusses on your back, neck, shoulders, arms & scalp. An invigorating & revitalising treatment that can last around 10-20mins. Please contact for more information if you are interested. 

Specialised THERAPIES

Pregnancy Massage

A very relaxing side-lying treatment that can involve the back only or a full body including
the abdomen if you wish.

Pregnancy massage is a specifically adapted massage for pregnant women from 12weeks gestation onwards. Some of the benefits that may be experienced include:
– Reduced anxiety
– Reduced swelling in the limbs
– Relief from muscular tension and aches
– Fewer headaches
– Relieves leg cramps

It also gives you some time to rest, relax and rebalance, promoting a better sleep &
also connecting with your baby.


Foot Reflexology

Reflexology involves much more than a foot massage. It has many benefits to our health and wellbeing. The Ancient Egyptians recognised this many, many years ago.

Your Therapist uses a specific technique using thumb and finger to apply gentle pressure to specific reflex points on your feet, that correspond to your body organs and glands.

It’s a wonderful treatment that can provide deep relaxation & encourage your body to
rebalance and heal.

Crystal Sole Therapy

This is a wonderful holistic treatment, that involves the feet & crystals. Similar to reflexology where our body is reflected on our feet, so are our Chakras (energy centres). Specific crystals are used to gently slide over the corresponding chakras & reflex points on the feet. Working with the crystals in this way can have a wonderful effect of cleansing & rebalancing your chakras and having a huge positive effect on your wellbeing as a whole. A very relaxing treatment to realign mind & body & soul.

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