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Offering a selection of therapies to rebalance body, mind & soul


Caring For You – Deluxe Rituals

Time to relax, calm & refocus

The Deluxe Indian Head & soothing foot massage, with warm stones, aura sprays & affirmations.

Do you feel so busy that it’s making you a bit ‘scatter-brained’?
Suffering from frequent headaches, neck tension & sleepless nights?
This treatment is made for you.
Indulge your senses & calm your mind, bringing you more head space & more clarity. Get comfortable in a seated position on a low back chair, with your bare feet resting on warm basalt stones, or choose warm foot bath.
Crystal aura sprays & affirmations to help reset your mind & wind down into a blissful state of relaxation.
Feel the warmth of the hot stones radiate over your upper back, neck, shoulders, arms & hands. Allowing the tension to melt away. Those to do lists will soon be a distant memory.
Experience the invigorating sensation of the Indian head massage. Followed by a lower leg & foot massage & energy healing to complete the experience.
Finished off with a warm drink & snack. Feeling rested & more focused. Prepared for a better night’s sleep.

Time to stop, restore & re-energise

Restorative Reflexology Ritual.

Do you have tired overworked feet desperate for some love?
Well, I’m sure this will bring some life back into them & you.
I invite you to put your feet up and experience the ultimate restorative treatment not only for your feet, but for your whole being. Your feet will feel alive again and you’ll be skipping out the door.

Lie back, apply a warm eye mask and drift away, listening to the soothing music while you take in the beautiful calming aromas that surround you.
Surrender to the warmth of the heated bed and warm towels wrapped around your feet.
Whilst you dreamily indulge in perfect peace & tranquillity, I will gently apply a luxurious foot scrub on each foot. Once your feet have had a gentle exfoliation, your lower legs & feet will be massaged before receiving a reflexology treatment, using specific crystals, warm & cool stones to massage certain reflex areas on your feet.
Once the treatment is over, relax some more with a comforting warm drink, fresh fruit or sweet treat.

Recharge & Reconnect

Relight that spark with an energy healing ritual of Reiki, crystals, aromatherapy, meditation, massage.

Do you feel out of sorts? Stressed with your busy life, with no time for yourself? You’re so tired & everything is irritating you. You can feel the tension building in your body.
You want to feel relaxed and calm. You want that boost of energy and a restful night’s sleep.
You want to connect to yourself and feel like you again.
I invite you to lay down and get comfy in the peaceful surroundings and allow yourself to relax & surrender to any expectations. Experience the power of Tera Mai reiki, crystal chakra balancing, guided meditation, aura sprays, scalp, hand & foot massage (oracle card pull optional)
Find yourself in a deeply relaxed state, allowing your body, mind & soul to rest & rebalance.
Reiki will gently release energetic blockages, leading you on a journey of peace & harmony. Helping you to find that energy & resilience to keep going. Extra time given, to allow your awareness to return slowly, finished with a warm drink, snack & oracle card.

Specialised THERAPIES

Pregnancy Massage

A very relaxing side-lying treatment that can involve the back only or a full body including
the abdomen if you wish.

Pregnancy massage is a specifically adapted massage for pregnant women from 12weeks gestation onwards. Some of the benefits that may be experienced include:
– Reduced anxiety
– Reduced swelling in the limbs
– Relief from muscular tension and aches
– Fewer headaches
– Relieves leg cramps

It also gives you some time to rest, relax and rebalance, promoting a better sleep &
also connecting with your baby.


Foot Reflexology

Reflexology involves much more than a foot massage. It has many benefits to our health and wellbeing. The Ancient Egyptians recognised this many, many years ago.

Your Therapist uses a specific technique using thumb and finger to apply gentle pressure to specific reflex points on your feet, that correspond to your body organs and glands.

It’s a wonderful treatment that can provide deep relaxation & encourage your body to
rebalance and heal.

Crystal Sole Therapy

This is a wonderful holistic treatment, that involves the feet & crystals. Similar to reflexology where our body is reflected on our feet, so are our Chakras (energy centres). Specific crystals are used to gently slide over the corresponding chakras & reflex points on the feet. Working with the crystals in this way can have a wonderful effect of cleansing & rebalancing your chakras and having a huge positive effect on your wellbeing as a whole. A very relaxing treatment to realign mind & body & soul.

Zephorium Chakra Massage Treatments

Choose a fully holistic treatment, working to rebalance your physical, emotional and spiritual body, with the beautiful & magical Zephorium products.

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