“Holistic” is the Greek word for Holos, meaning ‘whole’. A Holistic therapist treats the person as a whole, they consider the person’s mental, emotional, spiritual & physical body to help create good health & wellbeing. If any of these are out of balance or alignment then we are unable to function at our highest potential.

So, what is my job?

That is a question I have been asked frequently. I used to struggle to find the right explanation that fitted with what my heart was telling me & what my job entailed. I would resort to saying “I do massage and reflexology”. Then people would respond with a knowing look and start talking about how they should come and see me for their backache!

For me though, the question and the response, triggered something within me. I knew I was not only a massage therapist, although I predominantly performed various types of massage and still do. It made me question what my actual role/identity was. It was always so easy to tell someone I was a nurse, although after many years I did wake up and finally listen to my inner wisdom – I realised I was way off course and not in alignment with it anymore. My health & wellbeing were suffering. It was time to embark on my next journey to fulfilment.

I have definitely been on a new journey in the last few years, one of enlightenment without actually realising this at the time. Since following my heart and embarking on this type of work, more fully in the last year. I have become more connected to my inner wisdom and have changed immensely. I am evolving all the time, which humans are supposed to do. Change is always scary, but we can not progress and evolve if we don’t.

I have always been drawn to complementary therapies because for me it has always been about treating the whole person with whatever modality works for them to rebalance and align them for their highest good, to help them prevent disease and restore their health & wellbeing, leading them to be their true self.

I do not ‘fix’ people or heal them.

I am a facilitator to help people reconnect their mind, soul & physical body and assist them on their own healing journey.

That is what I believe my job and purpose is.

Yes, I am trained in massage and reflexology, but I am also an energy worker, so I use this alongside my intuition and knowledge, as a way of helping a person to find the connection between their physical body and their emotional and spiritual bodies, allowing them to become aware of this connection & how to make changes to bring back the balance where it is needed. By working within their aura, using energy healing through Reiki and crystals, I can facilitate a person’s own healing system, give them a kick start to their own healing process that lies within them. That’s where the magic is……within yourself.