Mental Health Day 2023


Looking after our mental health is just as important as looking after our physical health.

We are made up of so much more than our physical body.

We have our mental, emotional and spiritual body too. They are all energetically connected.

When all these are in balance, we can feel amazing, we are in optimal health.

But how can you find that optimal state of health? You’re are so busy, you never have any time for yourself?

Is that true?
How about right now? Do you have 5mins ?

You don’t need to be long. You can learn how to soothe your nervous system for short amounts of time throughout your day.
When you’re in the shower, when you stop to have a cuppa, don’t reach for your phone to scroll through social media….
Or read this first then put it down 😂

sit quietly and close your eyes, take a few normal breaths in and out, but really be aware of how your feeling, relax those tense muscles, place your hands on those areas of tension and send them love.

Maybe its your neck, your head, your shoulders.
Let your body know your listening.
You’re connecting your mind to your body.
Give it a go……
Your whole self will thank you for it, I’m sure 🤗

Another practice I like to do that always makes me feel better, is gratitude practice. 😊🙏
There is always something in your life you can be grateful for, even amongst the hardest of times.
Focus on what makes you smile with gratitude 😊

But remember it is always OK not to be ok and seek support when you need it.

Sending love to you all
Lucy 💜